Qualifiers Brasil > São Paulo 19-22 Jul 2018

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IberCup is one of the largest and most International Youth Football Tournaments / Soccer Tournaments around the World. Play against the best Football Academy Clubs / Soccer Academy Clubs in different locations (Europe, Asia and USA).

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IberCup Qualifier Brasil


IberCup Qualifier is a preparatory tournament for the main edition in Brazil. The winners of each category will have direct access to the IberCup Tournaments.

In addition to the Brazilian teams, teams from South America can participate.

The edition of IberCup Brasil will take place in January/2019 in the city of Porto Alegre, before there will be two qualifying stages.


The first IberCup Qualifier in Brazil deserve the best fields!

SEE HERE the natural turf fields where you will show all your talent!

IberCup World Final


The best team from Brazil and also from South America will be present in the Elite tournament that will give access to the World Final.

Win a place in the Elite Tournament in Brazil through the IberCup Qualifier (São Paulo and Porto Alegre).

Official Media


Sportv will be IberCup's partner in the coverage of the event. This partnership follows the strategy of both parties to give maximum exposure to the most important World Youth Soccer Championship on the planet.